Laserman Review

A whimsical and eccentric multi-cultural comedy about a Chinese-American scientist, his overbearing Jewish mother, mistaken identities, telepathic orgasms, and a gang of political terrorists.
"Too much education can be hazardous to your health." -- Lieutenant Lu (Peter Wang)

"I'm a moral person!" -- Arthur (Marc Hayashi) to villains who want him to become a laser-wielding hit man.
"Did you ever work on any defense projects?" -- a villain to Arthur, in reply

Filmmaker Peter Wang's offbeat comedy-thriller about the problems a Chinese-American scientist runs into when he invents a laser weapon.
First, he loses his job after his lab assistant is killed by an experiment gone awry. Then, a group of terrorists tries getting him to put his invention to evil use. Meanwhile, a determined police inspector from Shanghai tries to track down the criminals before it's too late.
Among the many wacky characters who pop up in "The Laserman" is the scientist's Jewish mother, who can't seem to cook a good Chinese meal. Along with the humor and thrills, Wang also offers a timely message about the dangers posed by today's high-tech advances.

Copyright 1990 Peter Wang Films.

Peter Wang was, in real life, a laser scientist who grew to find his work for the military distasteful.

"...THE LASERMAN is maliciously on target. It's that rare comedy with a brain and a heart..."

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