Who Am I & My Aim?

Hi Everyone! I'm Jenny, host of this website for my ever loving idol SALLY YEH! I have been a Sally's fan since I was 12 years old, which means it's about 14 years ago since I first heard her songs. I started liking Sally's music when I first watched her perform in a Charity Show on television where she was singing and dancing to the music of "Xiao Sa Zhou Yi Hui" and "Hong Chen". As I love percussion and music that embodies vigor, I was captivated at once. Almost immediately, I went out to buy those 2 particular albums of hers and since then have collected almost all of her past and subsequent albums, together with photos, concert LDs and a MTV special that was produced in 1992. Over all these years, I've listened to many other singers but Sally is probably the one and only singer that I've taken special notice of on her news and music. Her superb strong vocals and emotional input into her songs has made listeners only crave for more each time the songs are being heard, hardly ever any dissappointment. I hope that this website will bring much information across to other fellow fans so that you guys could share my joy and love to not only her music, but also to her as a person.

Why She's The BEST!

Hmm...it will probably be her fun and friendly personality that most are attracted to. Empowered by her directness and confident character, she is a perfectionist in hope of bringing only the best to her audiance and fans. She has that sophisticated yet surprisingly down to earth personality that most will crave for or desired to be close with. Needless to say, her beauty is one of uniqueness. Her voice, powerful and mesmerizing. The best word to describe will be that they are all 'heartfelt' timeless pieces that will be savoured in times to come. But don't be fooled! She's one fiesty gal and has lots of zest in her. She is mostly not what she depicts to be in her songs... romantic, demure or even sweet. In contrast, she's direct,assertive and practical. One that handles anything justly and effectively by "taking it by its horns". Thinking this description is getting overboard? Not a chance! She's the REAL Thing! And that's the reason why we love her so much!

The Meeting

On 29th June 2001, I had a special opportunity to meet Sally and Lam when both of them came down to Sydney to hold a concert. It was a dream come true! I attended the rehersals in the afternoon and the concert at night. After the concert, i was brought backstage to meet her and Lam. Perhaps I was too intimidated or maybe she was too tired, we chat a little, I got her autograph and we both took a picture. Lam and I took a picture as well but as he was quite tired, we didn't get to talk much. I thought the meeting was over there and then and I was really ecstatic to have met them. But an invitation to supper with both of them really put me at the top of the world! We had supper with the rest of the concert crew at the Lotus Garden in Star City to the wee hours of the morning of which I had to bid farewell as I had an early flight back home the next day. The experience is a memorable one that will leave a mark in my life. It isn't everyday that you'd have a chance to meet your idol and in this case should i say "idols"!

Meet up photos


I feel that as fans, sometimes we have taken too much for granted from our idols no matter who it is. Often, we don't get to see their hard work put in during rehersals behind the wonderful performances. We also tend to take it for granted and think that it's easy on them to just go up on stage to perform. This is a profession that we tend to envy at a distance in its glory and be awed by its exclusivity. We tend to ask too much from these stars, expecting them to always be the same as they are on stage, happy and bubbly. What we failed to face is the reality that they too, are human beings. I feel that we must learn to respect this profession more than it has been duely given. Learn to appreciate their hardwork put into the songs and love them as they are and not just their image. That means the Good, the Bad and the Ugly sides all packaged into ONE! Also, we must respect their space and privacy just as we would like ourselves to be treated alike. Mutual respect and understanding is necessary for a better relationship formed between fans and idols.

Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop