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Sally returns

Chow Ee-Tan

HONG Kong pop diva Sally Yeh is back to thrill her fans at Genting Highland. This time, her guest artiste will be her hubby George Lam, a popular singer, composer and actor.

Last year, Sally’s Now’s My Prime concert tickets were snapped up three weeks before the concert.

She performed a hot and highly-charged show, and proved that she is still up there despite 25 years in the industry.

So here is your chance to catch her again at Genting’s Arena of Stars on July 22-23 at 8pm.

Sally, 44, has come a long way since her first Cantonese hit, Ten Minutes Past Midnight. The song garnered a huge following of fans and soon, she was Asia’s Queen of Pop, a title she held from the late ’80s to mid ’90s.

Sally has released more than 30 albums and 40 compilations, and achieved multiple sell-out concerts and gold platinums with her much loved hits such as Zhu Fu (Wish), Qing Ren Zhi Zi (Lovers and Friends), Wan Feng’ (Night Wind) and many more.

She won the ‘Most Popular Female Singer’ Award for four consecutive years.

She is also one of the first Asian singers to have collaborated with Western artistes such as Tommy Page and James Ingram.

Sally is also a talented actress. She was nominated for the ‘Best Actress’ award in 1986 for her role in John Woo’s The Killer, playing the role of a blind piano bar singer along side fellow actor Chow Yun Fatt and Danny Lee.

Her movie credits include Shanghai Blues, Peking Opera Blues, Cupid One and others.

Her singing career, however, had its hitches. She was English educated in Canada and although her spoken Mandarin was passable, she could not speak Cantonese and was illiterate in Chinese.

So she had to learn the Cantonese dialect from scratch to carve a niche for herself not only in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but in Asia.

Sally is married to her mentor George Lam, whom she wed on July 17,1996, in Victoria, Canada. They have bought a house in San Francisco and mostly live there.

After a lull of several years, the performing streak in her beckoned. She held a successful 10-day concert together with Lam at the Hong Kong Coliseum in April 1998.

Last year, she sprung back with her series of 25th anniversary concerts entitled Now’s My Prime in Hong Kong and overseas.

Though rumours of her retirement have been rife, Sally has always maintained that she would continue to sing as long as her fans wish her to.

She said: “I’m just going to keep going until no one wants to see me anymore and then I’ll stop.”

Compiled at Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop