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【on.cc 東方互動 專訊】 葉蒨文(Sally)獲邀為上周六到紅館為顧嘉煇演唱會出任表演嘉賓,對於有幸今次參與演唱,Sally特別挑選煇哥為她寫的大熱作品《焚心以 火》,Sally說:「呢首歌曲旋律優美,煇哥為我度聲寫曲,唱起?非常野,好容易表達感情。」而Sally更穿上一襲黑色高貴服飾,她坦言:「因為要做 煇哥嘉賓,我?揀衫方面都特別下過心思,要簡單得?又要高貴,亦好感謝煇哥請我,令我得到呢個咁重要o既表演機會。」

Sally Yeh was invited to be the special performing guest at Joseph Koo’s concert last Saturday. Sally felt honored to be invited and especially selected the popular song “Fun Sum EE Fok” which was composed by Koo for Sally. Sally said, “The melody of this song is beautiful. Joseph especially wrote this song for me which is suitable for my voice too. It feels good to sing this song and it’s easy to express emotions through it.” Sally especially wore an elegant black gown for the night. She confessed, “Because this time is to be special guest for Joseph, I put in special consideration when I was selecting my dress… I wanted to choose something that’s simple and elegant. I would like to thank Joseph for inviting me too, so I could have such an important opportunity to perform.”

Compiled at Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop