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Sally Yeh is Down-to-Earth and Kind

Sally announced she's coming back to sing, and recently she'd been busy practicing Latin dance, hoping that her audience would enjoy her upcoming concerts… Recently we saw Sally shopping for skin care products in the Causeway Bay area, kept company by her female assistant. After that, they went to a store on the street to buy Rubber Headband… Yes you heard it right, it's Rubber Headband, and it's a necessity to create the old-fashioned classic look. Sally was busying looking for things to buy all over the store, and in the end she bought all the red, blue and white ones. While checking out, Sally was all smiling and chatting with the registrar… How come she can be this happy just buying some headbands? Actually…Tickets for her 3 Nights of Upcoming Concert “Intimately Yours” have been sold out fast… Fans from China are coming in groups to support her shows... No wonder Sally would be happy.

Compiled at Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop