叶倩文苦练拉丁舞 不顾忌拿年纪开玩笑

新浪娱乐讯 北京时间7月20日消息,据香港媒体报道,天后叶倩文(沙丽)将于9月重踏红馆舞台,爱管事的她事事都要管,笑称要怪就怪自己,自己会有骨头承担一切。年届50的叶倩文苦练拉丁舞自我挑战,还勇于拿年纪开玩笑:“现在做完一天的运动膝头都伸不直,个唱捱到2个半钟已经是好大突破!”









The Queen of Pop Sally Yeh will come back to stage at the Hong Kong Coliseum this September. As someone who loves to take things into her own hands, she admitted she’s in charge of everything, and said she’s willing to be held accountable and be responsible for the decisions she makes. At 50 years old, Sally took on the challenge to practice Latin for her show, and she doesn’t mind joking about her own age: “Right now after I get back home after doing one day’s exercise, I cannot even straighten my knees… to endure a 2.5 hours show would surely be a big challenge for me!”
At 50, Sally is only more enthusiastic with her singing. She was awarded the Golden Needle Award the year before last year; even though haven’t been singing for long, her singing and dancing performance at the Award Show were still of the top notch. No wonder after not having concerts in the Hong Kong Coliseum for 7 years, she answered this inner urge by coming back to stage again in this coming September. Sally said, “I really miss singing, miss the stage and miss my audience. I’m strange in this way; when it comes to eating, if there’s nothing that I love to eat, I would rather starve myself; but with singing, now and then I would want to have some rest for a while, to give myself the time to experience other things that life has to offer.”

“I really hope my audience would have a good night at my show,” Sally said, “This time the theme of the show is ‘Intimately Yours’. 7 years ago, I cried after singing the last song at my concert, feeling this emptiness inside me, as if I’d lost my boyfriend; it took some time for me to let go of this feeling of heartache. But, after so many years, I still miss my audience; I really want to invite all of them back to our home (the stage) so we can enjoy a good night together.”
Sally is someone who knows for sure what she wants, and she loves to take things into her own hands, that’s why she’s in charge of every details of the show herself: “I need to know where things are at with everything… If anything goes wrong, I’m willing to be responsible for it; if it turns out good, it’s not something that I can accomplish by myself; it’s got to be the result of many people’s help and hard work.” When asked if there’s any big challenge for the coming show, Sally joked about her own age: “Well the one big challenge is now I need to take a risk. At my age, even to endure a 2.5 hours show is a challenge in itself. Right now, after I get back home after doing one day’s exercise, I would be so tired I couldn’t even straighten my knees. Age really plays a big role here, haha.”

With such a high standard, Sally would always give her all in whatever she decides to do. She said: “I will be dancing Latin in this show. I’ve been practicing for two months, and it’s really not easy; it’s more difficult than learning to sing Peking Opera.” Sally also shared with us an embarrassing experience from the past, “I went to learn Latin dance together with Loletta Chu 5 years ago, but they told me my steps looked like I was rowing on a boat; I was really discouraged upon hearing such a comment. But this time I will simply do the best I can to dance well.”

Compiled at Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop