10th August to 12th August 2007

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Yeh Thrills Fans with Popular Hits


PENANG: Hong Kong pop queen Sally Yeh proved she still had it in her when she thrilled her fans at a concert here last night.

The veteran singer belted out her popular numbers, including her hit Shiu Sha Zao Yat Hui (Taking a Stroll).

The 17,000-crowd at Setia Pearl Island were also entertained with Wo de Xin Li Zhi You Ni Mei You Ta (My Heart Only Has You, Not Him), Lan Hua Chao (Orchid), Ngor Yu Huot Ha Huey (I Want to Live On), Shuun Ji Gei (Believe in Myself), and four Mandarin and Cantonese hits.

The “Sally Yeh Live in S.P. Setia” concert was presented by property developer S.P. Setia Bhd in conjunction with the 50th National Day celebrations.

The concert also featured performances by young singing sensation Quincy Tan, who won the Best Newcomer Award at the 8th Asia New Singer Singing Competition in Shanghai in 2005. It ended with a fireworks display at 10.15pm.

Yeh will perform at Setia Alam, Shah Alam tonight and at Setia Tropika in Johor Baru tomorrow. Only those with free passes can attend.





阿叔歌迷狂熱扭屁股大跳cha cha,讓葉蒨文傻了眼,佩服阿叔的“扭功”了不起!

(檳城訊)葉蒨文前晚在檳城首場的《葉蒨文S P Setia現場演唱會》,演唱《Cha Cha Cha+但是又奈何》時,邀請歌迷上台一起跳舞,炒熱氣氛。

其中一個上台的阿叔級歌迷滴汗不流地大膽扭屁股跳Cha Cha,讓邊唱歌邊跳舞的葉蒨文也忍不住說:“你的屁股很厲害扭,服了你!”把觀眾逗得哈哈大笑。





而熱愛打羽球的她更揚言,如果S P Setia在檳城的發展計劃興建一座羽球場,她馬上搬來檳城住。

曲目:蘭花草、瀟灑走一回、我要活下去、哭砂+秋來秋去、童年、我的心里只有你沒有他、Cha Cha Cha+但是又奈何、信自己


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Sally, Up Close and Personal


Sally yeah!It was her first concert in Penang and Sally Yeh loved every minute of it.

Ecstatic:Fans shouting for more.

IT was a first for Sally Yeh and a majority of her fans in Penang. The famous Hong Kong pop queen made her maiden trip to the island on Friday to give her local fans a free concert, treating them to a string of hit songs, which included her famous Cantonese number Shiu Sha Zao Yat Hui (Taking a Stroll).

She also belted out songs from her various albums, which were Ngor You Huot Ha Huey (I Want to Live On), Hook Sha (Crying Sand), Chao Lei Chao Huey (Autumn Comes Autumn Goes), Tong Nien (Childhood), Wo De Xin Li Zhi You Ni Mei You Ta (My Heart Only Has You, Not Him), Cha Cha Cha, Dan Shi Yow He Nai (Nothing Can Be Done), Shuun Ji Gei (Believe in Myself) and Ling See Shup Fan (12.10am).

Some fans got more from the concert than they could imagine when the megastar walked offstage to meet and shake hands with them. Some were invited to go on stage to sing a few lines of her songs while others showed off their dance moves.

The Sally Yeh Live free concert at Setia Pearl Island in Sungai Ara was brought by leading property developer S. P. Setia Bhd in conjunction with the country's 50th Merdeka celebration and to pay tribute to the firm's customers for their support over the years.

Sharing the stage for the night was young Malaysian singing sensation Quincy Tan, who definitely won himself a new legion of fans in Penang.

Among the songs he sang were Hui Bu Qu Ni (You’re Always in My Mind) and Xin Fu Yi Wai (Happy Accident), the song that won him the Top 10 Asia New Singer Award in Shanghai in 2005.

Emcees Jack Lim and Gan Mei Yan of MyFM fame carried the show well with their good humour and friendly demeanour. The perky duo handled the game sessions nicely, selecting audience members at random to participate in challenges like cushion throwing and ping-pong vacuuming.

The organisers were giving the crowd of about 17,000 a package filled with fun even before the stage performances began.

As the concertgoers arrived at the venue, they were received by a delightful crew of tricksters. The colourful clowns did a wonderful job playing pranks on the early birds. The cheeky bunch distributed mini Jalur Gemilangs, sweets and balloons, called young children aunties and uncles, and made them laugh at their funny antics.

Fire-eaters livened the street party with their ‘fire-breathing’ and torch juggling tricks. Despite the heat from the flames, the audience crowded around the performers to catch a better glimpse of the amazing stunts.

There was a dance performance by a group called 'The Gig Dancers' at the concert.

As the musical evening came to its end, the sky lit up in a dazzl- ing five-minute display of fire-works.

There was only one thing to say at the end of the concert – “Sally yeah!”

After the first show in Penang, the Sally Yeh concert tour moved on to Setia Alam in Klang Valley on Saturday and its finale at Setia Tropika in Johor Bahru on Sunday.

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Evergreen Sally thrills the crowd


IF anyone was feeling the heat at the Taman Rekreasi Setia Alam, Shah Alam, on Aug 11, it was not due to the weather, but the result of the large crowd that turned out for the Sally Yeh Live in SP Setia free concert.

Nearly 50,000 people thronged the park to see Sally in person and when she walked through the crowd – twice during the concert – many rushed over to grab and shake her hand.

The popular Hong Kong artiste hugged some of her fans who came onto the stage and even allowed them to plant kisses on her cheeks.

Eventhough there were no professional back up dancers, Sally kept the crowd going with just her singing and great charm alone. Despite being more well known among the older generation, Sally attracted a fair number of kids and teenagers too who sang and danced to some of her popular numbers.

Clad in Bohemian style outfits, she sang for more than one hour, belting out 14 songs in total, including her chart-toppers Shiu Sha Zao Yat Hui (Taking a Stroll), Leng Xi Shap Fan (Ten Past Midnight), and Shun Ji Gei (Believe in Myself).

Sally also wowed the crowd by singing other evergreen songs like Lan Hua Cao (Orchid), Chiquitita, Wo de Xin Li Zhi You Ni Mei You Ta (My Heart Only Has You, Not Him), etc.

Clearly overwhelmed, her fans responded to Sally by cheering and clapping loudly, and pleased by the response, the gorgeous singer kept flashing her trademark smile throughout the night.

Prior to Sally’s appearance, local artiste Quincy Tan entertained the crowd with five numbers.

Sponsored by SP Setia Bhd, Sally’s three-night concert kicked off at Penang on Aug 10 and ended in Johor Bahru on Aug 12.

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