February News 2003

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3-2-03 Takung Pao XȤ@q
6-2-03 Vancouver Sun Chinese constellation
The stars of Saturday's S.U.C.C.E.S.S. gala represent the cream of talent from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China
7-2-03 MSN.com.hk View Sally & Lam's individual interviews on Roadshow
11-2-03 Hot News! Attention Singapore Fans! "Ni Ting Dao Le Mei You" MTV has been aired in SCV as of 11th Feb! Watch out for it!
16-2-03 Hot News! Sally 's new album KL (Malaysia) promotion tour is set between March 29th to 31st! I will try to post up the schedule if I can get hold of it
18-2-03 Hot News!

Information on Sally & Lam Singapore Concert on April 26th 2003

Sistic Ticketing (As of 25th Feb) | SISTIC Hotline: 6348 5555 | More Information on Ticket Costs

18-2-03 Hot News! Fans out there do watch out for the SECOND release of Sally's "Ni Ting Dao" album released on 10th February! The CD is the same but the MTV VCD now includes the making of and "Ni Ting Dao Le Mei You" MTV, clips from her "Zhen Wo" HK Concert held in December 2002 and in addition, cantonese, mandarin and live version of "Shang Shi" MTV!! YesAsia Link
20-2-03 Yesasia.com Sally Fans watch out cos Sally's 2002 December "Zhen Wo" concert is out for grabs from 26 Feb! Pre-order is available from Yesasia.com
26-2-03 Hot News!

Sally & Lam's Easter Concert at the Atlantic City on 19th and 20th April 2003!


Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop