March News 2003

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1-3-03 Hot News! Grab the March Issue of NUYOU Magazine in Singapore with a 2 Page Interview featured in the Mag!
1-3-03 Hot News! Sorry Folks! Please be informed that Sally's Malaysia CD Promo trip set in March has been CANCELLED till further notice!
4-3-03 Hot News!

Lam & Sally's World Tour at the San Fransisco on 13th April 2003!

11-3-03 Lian He Wan Bao 葉蒨文林子祥演唱會 門票一周已賣三成
16-3-03 Hot News! Fans in Singapore go grab the March Issue of Woman's Weekly containing a 3-page interview of Sally!!
20-3-03 Sing Pao 葉蒨文梁家輝關懷愛滋
22-3-03 Ming Pao/ Ta Kung Pao/ Wei Wen Pao/ Sing Pao 葉蒨文 不擔心打仗肺炎 / 葉蒨文準備如期赴美演唱 / 葉蒨文最怕空姐 / 葉蒨文四月赴美登台
22-3-03 Hot News! Sally's Zhen Wo Concert VCD is now available from!
22-3-03 View news coverage on Sally's attendance to promote Aids Awareness Movement! [21-3-03 > No. 6]
25-3-03 Wong Jim comments on Sally [25-3-03 > No. 3]
27-3-03 Lian He Zao Bao (Xin Min Ri Bao) 防非典型肺炎 藝人通通一把罩 - 葉蒨文周六宣傳 戴口罩与歌迷握手
28-3-03 Hot News! Listen to 933FM today (March 28th) at 5.30pm-6.20pm (Singapore Time) and again at 10.30pm (Singapore Time) for Sally and Lam's interview on radio!
29-3-03 Lian He Zao Bao 港台藝人談「非」色不變


Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop