April News 2003

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1-4-03 Lian He Zao Bao 葉蒨文否認因缺錢复出
2-4-03 New Paper Odd but still loving couple - She's gregarious and He's Zen-like
3-4-03 Breaking News Sally & Lam's World Tour Singapore Concert has been postponed till end of May. Further details will be provided shortly
5-4-03 Sing Pao 阿Lam 沙麗 冒險到美國登台
7-4-03 Breaking News Please be notified that due to the SARS outbreak in Singapore, the organisers of the concert have decided to postpone the concert till an unconfirmed date on May 24th, 2003. All tickets sold are still valid, and the venue and time remains unchanged. For more information, please click here
7-4-03 Lian He Zao Bao 擔心非典型肺炎 - 葉蒨文林子祥吳宗憲演唱展期
8-4-03 Ming Pao 白色花海 靈堂作伴 圈中友好悼詞寄哀思
14-4-03 Hot News Fans be sure to tune in to 933FM for Sally & Lam's interview! It's to be aired on 20th April 2003 from 2-3pm (Singapore Time). Click here to access 933FM website for online listening
15-4-03 SingaporeOne Want to view an exclusive interview of Sally & Lam? Want to have a listen to the winner of the 'Sally Yeh & George Lam Singing Contest' held in Singapore of which both of them judged? Well click on this hot new link to watch the clips!
17-4-03 Hot News Avid readers go grab the May issue of the Citta Bella Magazine from Singapore cos contained inside is a 3 page interview on Sally!
24-4-03 Lian He Zao Bao 葉蒨文林子祥夫妻檔 獨撐本地五月唱台
28-4-03 HKVPRadio.com Smashing Performance by Sally and George Leaves Audience on Cloud 9


Sally Yeh: The Effervescent Queen of Pop